Thursday 1 August 2013

To Thrapston and Titchmarsh

Two circuits today on the bike. One of 35 (that was more like 45 with some extras) and one of 20 at Titchmarsh. When I got to Titchmarsh, I started to recognise the place - I've been here before to pick up a puzzle cache. So I knew where to park and how to get to the Nature Reserve. I had a few DNFs, but a total of 64 caches is good, and I had a great day out in the hot sun.

A bunch of polo shirts that I've ordered have arrived, and now I know why they were so cheap. They're emblazoned with "Ecobank, La Banque Panafricaine". The Ebay seller did say that they were "Ecobank", but I assumed that was a clothing brand. No - it's a bank. So I'll be advertising the merits of La Banque Panafricaine when I wear them, but I don't mind; all my other clothes seem to be advertising either a clothing brand, or an antivirus company.

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