Sunday 4 August 2013

To Pirbright

Today, ladysolly and I went to Pirbright to do a 25-cache ring. The weather was dry and not too hot, and I planned it so that we'd get to a pub at just after the halfway point.

Disaster struck just after I parked the car - I'd loaded up the wrong database on my Loox, so I didn't have any information about any of the caches. Fortunately, I'd put Geosphere on both of our iPhones, which gave the lat and long, and for each cache, I just put that into the Loox, so I had mapping to guide me, as well as all the cache details on the iPhone (Geosphere uses Google maps, which is massively inferior to OS maps). I really must find a way to put my entire database of caches on the Loox - I can't just bung it on, because the Loox can only take about 25,000 caches, and my database of caches unfound within 150 km, is about 50,000. The way I handle this is to divide it into four quarters (with a little bit of overlap) and load up the quarter I'm about to visit. You can see how that can go wrong!

We found all the caches except one, and I suspect that one has gone.

Then a Turkish Takeaway for supper - yummy.

Heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow, so I'm staying in.

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