Monday 12 August 2013

Thrashing through Thurrock

First, a circuit of 40 caches, done on the bike. These included a couple of tree climbs - not too high for me, and great fun. I had three DNFs on the route.

Then lunch, and south to do half a dozen in Grays, then East to Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope, for another trundle round on the bike.

I got home at about nine pm, to find my wife and three of her bridge cronies playing with the devil's pasteboards in the lounge.

In the course of the day I encountered this unfortunate misprint on a bridl3way sign. Once you've chiselled the letters, you can't erase them!

And this poster outside a pub - if only it were earlier in the day, I'd cause them to rue that offer.

55 caches found today, and half a dozen DNFs.

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