Sunday 11 August 2013

Shopping for bridesmaids

Dresses, that is. And I was parked at daughter.1's drum while the girls had fun. And there it was that I first met not-the-boyfriend.1, who isn't the boyfriend of daughter.1, and where I had sushi lunch, with curry. I had a long discussion with ntb.1 about the pretzel business, in the course of which I learned much and made various suggestions for how pretzels might go in the future - when you see the first automated hot pretzel vending machine, remember that it was my idea. Then we were joined by ladysolly and daughter.2 (and bridesmaid.1) and we all played with grandson.1 (I had brought a bottle of bubbles expressly for the purpose) while watching Toy Story, of which he is currently a keen fan. Then fiance.1 arrived fresh from some football fixture (affianced to daughter.2) and we had a lebanese dinner, together with lashings of ginger beer. Ladysolly and I got home at about midnight. A good day out!

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