Tuesday 6 August 2013

Seaton and back

Another epic journey today. First up the A1M to Morcott; I parked at a service area, got the bike out, loaded up with a spare battery and lots of water, and trundled off.

I was in trouble almost immediately. The track went through the middle of a field, and the recent rain had combined with the loose earth to make a mixture that stuck to my wheels and jammed into the brakes. Fortunately, I was able to make progress using the "ten yard forward, one foot back" method. I was worried that this would be the theme for the day, but it turned out that this was the only place that gave that problem.

A few caches further on, I was going along the side of a field quite slowly, and then I fell off, onto my left shoulder - that's the one that I didn't injure about a year ago, and which has almost recovered. At the time I thought that no damage had been done - I bounced back up and continued on. But later on, I found that I'd broken the mirror in my carry-bag. Oh well - I have a spare. And I didn't injure my left shoulder, for which I don't have a spare.

I progressed on to Seaton, where I picked up a few extras not in the series, then up to Bisbrooke. That's where the viaduct is.

I did a cunning little multi puzzle there, and then went on to Glaston, and from there back to Morcott. By then it was 3:30, so I had lunch and spent a couple of hours doing drive-by caches, including one that had me in my wellies walking along a stream to get a cache under a bridge. I finished off with the final of a series I did ages ago but ran out of time on. 63 caches done today, and my back hurts from all the biking.

Tomorrow, I think I'll build my new ultra-fast computer.

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