Friday 30 August 2013

Daughters again

To London yesterday. First, lunch with daughter.2 who seems to know all the best eating places around Victoria. When I used to work in this area, I used the sandwich shop  in Whitcomb street, a couple of pubs, and that was that.

Then on to daughter.2 and grandson.1, where I entertained the rugrat by blowing bubbles and ladysolly entertained him by wearing herself out chasing and being chased. Then a friend of daughter.1 arrived with her toddler, and we grown-ups could watch while the two kids chased each other. Much easier.

Grandson.1 is now putting two words together, and is able to count up to ten. I'll start teaching him calculus soon.

I put the idea of leaving a bicycle at daughter.1's pad, whereupon she pointed out that she already had one that she hadn't used for years, which apparently had been a birthday present from ladysolly and me. We went down to the garage to have a look at it, and apart from flat tires, it looked fine. And it's a quality bike. So next time I go, I'll take a spare bike helmet and a pump, and I'll be able to womble around London caching.

Then we had a Tesco dinner (or it might have been another supermarket, I wasn't really listening), then home late.

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