Friday 9 August 2013

Bike maintenance

Bike maintenance today, while I recover from the exertions of yesterday.

I wasn't able to get into first or second gear; tightening the gear cable fixed that, now I can access all the gears.

The front brake was worn down to nubbins, that's why it was making a horrible screaming noise when I used it. So, brake pads replaced.

The PDA holder wasn't working. I tracked it down to a small piece of plastic inside that had broken under the stress, so I replaced the PDA holder.

The handlebar grip had become very grungy, so I replaced that. And I greased the main suspension spring, and gave it a squirt of oil; maybe that will stop the creaking noise as I bounce up and down along a field.

The bell was working when I took it off, so I put it back on again.

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