Saturday 17 August 2013

Archiving the Night Mail

I set this cache up about four years ago, and it's had 55 people flagging it as a "favourite". But it has to go.

Too many problems.

1. Some of the night tacks are missing
2. The final is missing
3. When I checked the electronics, it turned out that the USB hub was faulty. Easily replaced, but ...
4. The really big problem is that the locomotive is worn out, and when I run the railway, it derails every minute or so. Or maybe the track is worn out? So, time to archive this cache.

But in sorting out the problem with the USB hub - it was a while before I worked out that it was the hub that was the problem. I tried the relay card, the power supply - eventually, with the aid of Google, I found this. My own blog entry! And that gave me the info I needed to diagnose the problem.

Maybe if someone donates an electric model railway, I'll bring it back.

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