Wednesday 24 July 2013

Weight report 57

15 stone 6 pounds


  1. Nothing to do with the post but.

    I have a personal website that has a 100mb limit on download each month on a free hosting account. Recently I notice I keep getting error page 509 - Bandwidth exceeded. One such occasion I noticed, after I "got" my site back, that someone from afar had posted loads of blogs, or had sent them for moderation, and this had eaten my bandwidth. I deleted them but had to go 2-3 weeks with no access to the site. I have written to the hosting Co. to see if there is a way to "stop" "malicous - or rather not genuine" use of the site and await their reply. Perhaps you could write a little utility that would stop this, seeing as you have some time on your hands just now ..:)

    I know i can pay for web hosting, I do have a hostgater account with unlimited sites, I just feel a little loyalty to my UK company whom I have been with for years!

  2. What's the URL of the web site? I'll have a look.