Tuesday 30 July 2013


The GPO couldn't deliver a couple of parcels yesterday, so when I went to the dentist for a bit of grouting, I popped into the PO and picked them up.

One was a parcel of four inner tubes. I like to use "thornproof" inner tubes; they are extra-thick rubber, so that they're less likely to lose air when pricked. Usually, I pay £10 for Kenda tubes, but these are Giant tubes and cost me £1.75 each. So I bought four. I was worried that they might actually be normal tubes mislabelled, but they were the real thing.

The other parcel was a new electric razor, got from DX for $11.60. It's actually cheaper for me to buy a new razor than to replace the cutters on my Phillips. I gave it a run today, and it works fine.

Do all good things come from China now?

I'm glad that I couldn't go out today. It's been raining steadily all day long. Tomorrow, I have another late pass, so I'm going north to do a couple of circuits, then on to a geocaching pub event in the evening.
Unless, as looks likely, it rains all day tomorrow. In which case, I go on Thursday. Getting wet isn't as awful as it is in winter when the cold gets you too, and I don't mind the occasional shower, but the thought of going out on a day which will rain rain rain, makes me think about staying in the dry.

My Raspberry Pi scrolling display is working well. I've modified it slightly - now it scrolls showing the temperature and time, and interrupts to show if I have a big server problem. And I've attached it to a Pi that I was already running in my office, thuse releasing the Pi I used to develop it on. Ladysolly pops in here when she wants to know the temperature outside. I wonder if I can get a humidity sensor?


  1. Whoop Whoop,

    I have scrolled through your posts, but can't find the one with the link to your outside temperature:(

    Re upgrade's, you keep forgetting you are drsolly, you can do anything!! but here's an idea for you

  2. ok, I see you have "locked" your blog so i can't spam them LOL. No, actually I thought you may be interested in this,



    I looked at the airpi, it looks nice. I've signed up for their newsletter and I might buy one when they become available, and I'm glad to say they use double opt-in for the sign-up!

  4. Alan do you have a link for the script for the lcd a might get one.