Monday 15 July 2013


North today, to do three rings for a total ot 75 caches! All on the bike, and only one stile to lift over. So, it was a very good day. Here's a great view I shot.

Halfway round the first ring, my pannier jumped off the back rack, but I sorted it out using the multitool that I carry


  1. Is that a Constable or Turner?

    Now I remember what I miss about the countryside. Its building those castles and forts out of straw bails, but they were a more manageble size when I was a kid.

    Arh well, Happy days...

  2. It's a picture taken from the point where I stopped to fix my back rack, which had become loose and let the panniers interfere with the back wheels. And just before I had to lift the bike over a stile. So I had a drink of water, and I liked the view so much, I took a picture of it, but the picture isn't nearly as nice as the view was.