Tuesday 9 July 2013

Lunch at The Kitchen, and reinking the printer

Lunch at The Kitchen with ladysolly's brother and wife. It's a kosher restaurant, which meant I could get chopped liver followed by salt beef. I was tempted by the facon, just so I could see what fake bacon tasted like, but I decided to avoid the likely disappointment.

The Kitchen has had some terrible reviews for their service, but we found it to be just fine.

This evening, I decided that my colour printer was fading a bit. So I took out the ink cartridge, and re-inked it using some ink I got from Ebay a while ago. It looks great now.

Ink bought in bulk like this, is a tiny fraction of the cost of the printer manufacturers idea, which is that you buy new cartridges. And the re-inking operation is very simple. And I feel sure that the ink on my fingers will wear off in a few weeks.

Tomorrow I'm going out caching. I have a late pass from ladysolly (she's playing bridge this evening), so I'm off to Margate!

Near Margate is Broadstairs. When I was very young, I spent a couple of years at Broadstairs.I went back there a few years ago on a caching trip, and didn't recognise anything there.

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