Thursday 18 July 2013

Lots of Leds for the Pi

This little card will let me make an LED display board for the pi.

It's so neat, I want one. But I had to think, what would I use it for? I don't want to get one just to sit in a drawer.

So I have an idea. I have a server monitor, which checks all my servers, once per minute, and sends me an email if there's a problem. Most of the problems are trivial, and I can ignore them, but every so often, something goes badly wrong and I get hundreds of emails about a problem, and that needs action to be taken. For example, if a server hangs, then once per minutes I get an email about that problem. Or if my ISP screws up and all my servers become inaccessible.

So, I'll monitor the number of unread emails in my alerts folder, and if that's more than a reasonable number, I'll use the LED display to let me know there's a bit of a problem.

Another idea - I have an external temperature sensor. I can display the outside temperature on this display. And I can use the same display for both purposes.

So I've ordered one.

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