Thursday 18 July 2013

How to use POP3 on a Raspberry Pi

First, why would I want to, when IMAP is so much better? Answer - because GSAK uses POP3, and I don't see an option to use IMAP.

And why do I want GSAK to be able to use POP3 on a Pi?

Because pocket queries result in an email to my server, which is on a Pi, and I want GSAK to be able to pick up the latest info from my PQs.

So. I installed Dovecot on the Pi. Dovecot does IMAP and POP3. Or so I thought.

"apt-get install dovecot-imapd" is how I install Dovecot. But that left POP3 non-working, and when you look at the install command, that shouldn't be a surprise. But I've not used POP3 on a Pi before, I've always used imap, and so that's the command I knew. And looking at the config files, it seemed to cater for POP3. But it didn't.

I looked all over the web using Google to see how to sort this out, and I tried lots of things. Eventually, in desperation, I went to "

Dovecot (POP3サーバー)/Raspberry Pi - PC雑記帳


which is, of course, in Japanese, and if I'm working with something difficult and unfamiliar, trying to do so in Japanese ... well. But there's Google Translate, and well I'm blowed, the translation was very understandable, and it gave me the vital piece of information, which is "apt-get install dovecot-pop3d

So I did that, and opened up port 110 on the firewall leading to my GSAK machine, and it worked! Hurrah for Google, and three cheers for the Japanese person who wrote that page.


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  1. haha, sounds like you're looking at a similar thing to myself. Have you explored getting GSAK to run on the PI?