Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Freelander - worst case scenario

It's always nice to know what the downside is. I checked Ebay, I can get a very decent Freelander 2 for £5000-£7000, with a diesel engine (my current car is petrol, but I do a *lot* of miles, so diesel would be good). At that price, it would be about the same age as my current car, but in *much* better condition. Poor old Freda has had:

1. A bashed-in front, where she dived into a ditch and bashed her nose.
2. A bashed in side, where I left her in a car park for a few hours and came back to see a somewhat crumpled left wheel arch.
3. An additional dent in the side where ladysolly reversed into her.
4. A somewhat dented bonnet, where a cow landed on her as I was driving along.
5. Assorted scratches along the sides from hedges and from my bicycle

I've never had these fixed, because they don't affect safety and I don't think bodywork rust is going to happen, on account of she's made of aluminium.

I also looked at getting a Discovery, but they're a lot more expensive, not quite such a good turning circle, somewhat less fuel-efficient, and only a few inches bigger. Since I know I can get all I need into a Freelander, I'd stick with that.

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