Tuesday 23 July 2013

Fixing the Freelander, part 2

Biil so far ... £64 for towing it to Landrover dealer, £50 for initial assessment.

They've done the initial assessment, and they've determined that the Freelander's computer is incommunicado. It isn't telling them anything. So they don't know anything.

I've just authorised another £200 spend, so that they can delve deeper. Maybe us a rubber hose on the Freelander to get it to talk?


  1. Actually, just having seen your display with the temperature gizzmo, you are probably quite good with computers, and perhaps you should look at the EMU/ECU of the freelander yourself, in fact there is problably one on ebay already!

    Please be aware there are some 2013 models on ebay for only £36,000 so dont get sucked into the repairing yours at any cost routine, you must dicipline yourself to stop at about £25,000!

  2. My first car, a Morris Minor 1000, cost me £80 and I did all my own repairs.

  3. Arh, you are obviouly at home today, Dr. Solly, no geocaching? Why is that?

  4. A) I want to get the Freelander sorted, and B) my right foot and calf were playing up (they feel a lot better now after a few days rest) and C) we had torrential rain today.

    One of the really nice things about *not* being the UK number one cacher, is that I don't have to be concerned about maintaining my position and so I might not go out even when my excuse is quite flimsy.