Thursday 11 July 2013

Down to Margate

I made the longish (2 hour) trip to Margate yesterday. On the way there, I joined a bit of a queue for going over the QE2 bridge, and the Freelander started to overheat, as it does when the weather is warm and it isn't going fast. But it didn't go critical, and the queue wasn't too long.

At Margate, I started off with a ring of 12 plus a bonus, but I did very badly on that. I relocated a bit to the east, had a sandwich, and did several more caches. Then I relocated again, to near the Margate railway station - I was quite suprised that even in July, on a weekday, I was still able to find free parking so close to the center of town. And then I did my main tour, taking in Margate, Cliftonville and Kingsgate. While doing three of the caches, I attracted excessive muggle interest; one of them thought I was trying to rescue a cat. But I find that the usual approach by muggles "Can I help you?" is rapidly quelled by "No thanks, I'm fine" accompanied by a beautiful smile, after which they don't seem to know what to say.

After that, I did a few more caches, including one that had a library of books dumped near to it. I spent more time going through the books (I chose three) than looking for the cache. I then visited the huge Tesco nearby. I got there at 9:30 pm, and headed for the delicatessen (the lady on the tobacco counter denied that it existed), where I picked up some hot and spicy sausage at half price (at the end of the day, they're desperate to sell) and some pretzels (I have a new interest in pretzels, on account of daughter.1's interest) and sat in the Tesco car park scoffing my supper. Then home via the Dartford tunnel, which is free after 10 pm.

Not many caches done (about two dozen) and far too many DNFs, but I had a great time.

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