Sunday 28 July 2013

Bushey, Geosphere, shopping and Pride and Prejudice

Ladysolly and I went to Bushey today to do a ring of 22 caches, about 5 miles. That distance left her exhausted, and I was a bit tired too. But we found all the caches, and a few of them were rather nice.

Part of the route was on a footpath that cut through the Jewish cemetary in Bushey. As we walked along, I looked out to see if there was anyone I knew, but nothing. We stopped off halfway through and went into the cemetary for a bit of a sit down on a handy bench there.

We used Geosphere on her iPhone 4 for this. I think it's much better than the app, and I've worked out how to pre-load it with caches, it's quite easy. I'll try it on my iPhone 3 next, but I'm expecting the GPS response time to be very poor, because it has been on the iPhone 3 with everything else I've tried.

I walked in a pair of trainers today, rather than walking boots, because I knew the terrain would be easy, and that the ground would be dry. These are trainers I got a Sportdirect for £7 - they do up with Velcro, so are easy-on, easy-off. I've just bought two more pairs of the same ones, and while I was on their web site, I bought several polo shirts (ladysolly says I look less ugly in those than in a t-shirt, although she phrases it more tactfully) in various colours (mostly blue) and ten pair of socks for a really silly price. I also bought a handful of polo shirts from Ebay, in white. This internet shopping lark is really great.

Last night, I saw the last episodes of the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. I haven't read the book (it always struck me as a girly book), but the TV version was pretty good, so I bought the book from Amazon, Kindle version, at a cost of £0.00. Ladysolly and daughter.2 (who did her degree in English Literature) both effuse at Jane Austen. And she's going on the £10 note, so she must have something good.

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