Tuesday 16 July 2013


£91. That's what I paid to fill up the Freelander. The tank was almost empty after a long run down the M1, but the cost was £1.35 per litre, which isn't too bad today. It won't be long before I have to part with £100.

I bought a pair of sleeves on Ebay; they're for people who will be out in the sun all day and don't want to get sunburned - such as cyclists. So they arrived today, I tried them on, and they were far too small for me. I checked back on the page, and yes, it had said "one size fits most". For an adult male, I'm not that big. Six foot nothing (although daughter.1 claims I'm an inch less) and maybe verging on the burly, but by no means extra large.

So I emailed the vendor and complained, asking for a refund. Which I got immediately, without any difficulty. Good for them! And he didn't ask me to send them back.

So if you're a lady of slender arms, or a young lad with small forearms, I have a pair of sleeves available for free.

I got another spam from a spammer who I'd spoken to before, so I phoned him again. As soon as I spoke to him, he knew why I'd called. Apparently, they made some big mistake and sent their spam out to a bunch of people who they'd taken off their lists.

I asked him, "How come, if you've deleted me from your list, you still have my email address to send spam to?"  The answer I got was long and complicated, and was to do with some third party that he spammed n behalf of, but I didn't really understand it, even after the second repetition. Not that I tried very hard, because even if I did understand it, I wasn't going to believe it. Yes, I do believe that he made some sort of mistake. But *clearly* he hadn't deleted my email address from his data, because if he had, he couldn't have spammed me again. Duh.

I also got contacted back by "The slice". They wanted to see a copy of their spam, and they wanted to know why I thought they were involved. So I explained that the URL that the spam sent me to, was to a page that was a special version for "the slice". And would he like me to send him a copy of that email? Yes, he would.

And then I mentioned that the name that the spam had apparently been sent from was "Joanna Hadleigh", and I had several other spams from that same name, for various other products, and I can't think that this is just a conincidence. Not that I thnk that "Joanna Hadleigh" actually exists; I think it's a random name chosen by the spammer who can't be bothered to choose a different name for each spam-out. So I sent him those as well. He said that The Slice didn't have my email address, but that maybe one of their associates did. So I asked him which one. He said he didn't know. So I said "That's good news, because it means that you'll need to contact *all* your associates to ask them to remove my email address from theor spamming lists."

And he said he would.

And I asked him what action he'd be taking against the associate that was bringing The Slice, and the customers of The Slice, into disrepute, and breaching the PEC Regulation (2003) (which he said he was aware of). He said he'll be firing them. Which I don't actually believe, because rule number one on spammers is that "Spammers lie". But what he isn't expecting, is that I'll give this a week or so, and then call him again to find out what result he's had.

Tomorrow I'm going up North again, to Barham, to do a loop of forty something caches. I hope the heat isn't too bad.

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