Tuesday 7 May 2013

Swanning around Selsey

I was last here about 55 years ago, on a holiday with my mother. I remember the local lending library wasn't very good.

So I came here today, first to do a series that looked quite interesting; 15 caches on roads, followed by 11 more on footpaths, and for those 11, the coords for each cache is given in the previous cache. The first of the caches with coords that aren't given, has its coords in some of the first 15. I DNFed one of the 15, and by the time I got to near the end of the 15, I still didn't have the Westings, but in the very last cache, I got lucky! So then I went off the road to do the puzzles and multis; all found. And along the way, I picked up four additional numbers that turned out to be necessary to open a lock. A very good series!

Then I went on to Selsey itself for another dozen caches.

This was the first outing for the bike with the transplanted wheel, and it worked fine. But I did have a disaster; I left my PDA on the back bumper of the Freelander, so that when I closed the tailgate, it smashed the PDA. I did have a backup PDA with me, I'm glad to say, but I've just broken my best PDA. Oh well, spilled milk. And it does show me what a good idea it is to always have a spare PDA! And GPS, by the way.

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