Sunday 19 May 2013

Mail order boots

 I feel the need for a new pair of boots. The ones I wore today are probably my best pair, but they're going home (there's a split in the upper), and today they hurt my feet because they weren't flexing properly. I do a lot of walking, and foot comfort is really really important to me.

Does it make sense to buy walking boots over the web? I don't know, but I'm about to find out. I want them to be waterproof, durable and a good fit.

First I went to Ebay, and there was a huge selection. Too huge. And no customer reviews for the products, only for the vendor's reputation. But I want to know about the boots.

Then I went to Sports Direct. I found a few likely pairs, but when I looked at the customer reviews, most of them were rubbished. After a bit more research, I found out that Lonsdale Sports owns the Karrimor brand. Lonsdale Sports also owns Sports Direct, so A) it isn't surprising that Sports Direct sell Karrimor products, and B) the great reputation that Karrimor had, seems to have lessened.

So then I looked at Hi Tec, and specifically the Hi-Tec Men's Eurotrek WP. That has had great customer reviews. I went to Amazon and there it's had rave reviews - also, Amazon was a few pounds cheaper. So I bought a pair of dark brown size 12s from Amazon for £32.94 (including delivery), and I just hope they fit.

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