Wednesday 15 May 2013

A visit to the Meon

Today was forecast to be a bit rainy, so I decided to do several short rides, so that I could take shelter in the car if necessary. I went to the Meon Valley.

The first circuit was a dozen of "knew you could". These were all quite difficult to find, and I had one DNF there. But what took most of my time was this:

Quite a lot of the track was like this, and I was walking the bike instead of zooming along. Eventually, I got to the road, and then I could really move fast. And tightening up the spokes was exactly what the bike had needed, that terrible wobble has gone! Also, the LED voltmeter display is actually quite good, it's only in direct sunlight that I can't read it. I think I'll put a shade around it.

Then I moved on to another circuit, about a dozen caches of the "cycle round" series, which I cycled round.

And then on to a disused railway - I always love biking along these, because the track is usually excellent, and you can be sure that there's no cars. Us cyclists don't like cars, nasty hard things that can knock you down and kill you. And there was some excellent caches along there, including one that needed me to get up a 60-degree bank (the only way up was to backtrack and come up a different path), then find the apparatus, and then wind the cache down, sign the log, and wind it up again.

Finally, I went to Old Winchester Hill, to do a very old Esscafe multi.

So, 41 caches done today, after a very slow start. And I heard another cuckoo. And on the way home, I saw this:

You can see the double rainbow, and you can see how the outer, fainter rainbow has the colours reversed. You can read about this effect in the wiki.

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