Thursday 28 March 2013

Yomping round Yaxley

The weather forecast said that it wouldn't rain, and it would be a bit above freezing, so I decided to go out. They were right about the lack of rain, wrong about the cold. It was still, very cold. Maybe a couple of degrees above freezing. By the time I'd finished yomping around Yaxley on the bike, my tiny hands were frozen.

At least it wasn't muddy. Yes, there was some mud, and a notable stretch where my boots sank in several inches, but when I'd finished the day, the bike didn't look too bad. She got a pressure wash anyway, because I need to do some maintenance.

There was a horrible squeak from the front wheel, and although that stopped after a few hours, it makes me think that it needs oil or grease. And the back carrier has broken, that'll need a temporary fix and a permanent replace.

50 caches done today, and only one DNF, so a good day out.

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