Monday 18 March 2013

Wet wet wet while wibbling round Wadenhoe

It didn't rain today. But it's rained so much recently that there were lakes of water all over, and when you bike through them, you get soaked.

Imagine - you're biking towards a wide farm gate, but the whole opening, from side to side, is water, and there's more water extending beyond for about 30 yards. What do you do?

What I did, was I rode at it as hard as I could, and although the wheels were half submerged, I managed to get through without having to put a foot down - if I had, I'd have had a bootfull of water.

Here's something odd I saw.

A shell nailed to a tree. I saw another similar shell nailed up later. I'm guessing it's some game I don't know about.

I also saw this.

My first dandelion this year. I also saw more new lambs.

54 caches done today, no DNFs. And I cleared up a DNF from last time I was round this way.

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