Sunday 24 March 2013

Ubuntu frustration

Maybe I've just been unlucky. But almost every time I try to install Ubuntu linux on a computer, the install fails. Whereas almost every time I try to install Fedora, it works fine.

I'm trying to use Ubuntu 12.10, because the HMRC software wants to run under Ubuntu. And I've tried to install it on about a dozen different computers. It only installed on one of them, and on that one it runs like treacle.

And the HMRC software doesn't work on Fedora. It seems to work, but as soon as I try to use it, it says it can't find an XML file (or some such error message that I can't handle).

I can't believe that Ubuntu is usually like this - if it were, no-one would be using it. Maybe it's just the 12.10 version (although I also tried 12.04).

It must be me. Ubuntu doesn't like me.

However. I've put a temperature sensor outside the house, so that I can know how horribly cold it is without looking at the snow lying all over the place.


  1. I'm having problems with the latest version too might try 11.04 later of Ubuntu

    1. What problems are you having? I'm finding it almost impossible to install, having tried it about a dozen computers that accept Fedora without any problems.

  2. cant believe.. its not butter26 March 2013 at 17:02

    Wow, wow, wow!! You mean little ole me, who is not worthy to lick either of your boots can install Ubuntu and you both can't!! I appreciate I was trying to install it in Virtual Box, and ended up partitioning the hard disk of my windows 7 computer, so i now have dual boot!! I installed version 12.04 simply enough, and then it updated itself to 12.10.

    Surely though, the HMRC thing is a job for Raspberry Pi !

  3. Mine has been hit and miss sometimes it will install then a few days later when updating go tits up but most of the time it gets near the end of installing and crashes offering to send a report to Ubuntu about it never had this on previous installs so when I get time I'm going to download an older Lts version and reinstall that which had no problems.

  4. The HMRC thing says "requires Ubuntu". It nearly worked with Fedora. I might try it with Debian, which is the ancestor of both Rasbian and Ubuntu.

  5. I tried it with Debian. Debian installed fine, but when I tried to use the HMRC software, it couldn't find its configuration file and then just sat there sullenly. As a bonus, I couldn't install Adobe reader.

    Tomorrow, HMRC publish their 2013-14 version of they Basic PAYE Tools. Joy.