Wednesday 13 March 2013

Sudborough and back

Out on the bike again today, risking the cold and snow. I wrapped up really warmly, which dealt with the cold. Actually, it was a bit warmer today; I didn't need my fur gloves, and spent most of the day wearing cycling gloves, which leave my fingers bare.

It started off very well - a track through the forest that was almost as good as tarmac. Then it deteriorated badly for a mile or so, to the extent that I was walking the bike. But then it improved again, and I biked the last two dozen caches.

I got back to the car at about 2pm and started lunch, and very soon after that, it started to snow quite briskly. But I was snug and warm in the car, ho ho, you missed me, too late!

After that circuit of 44, I visited Thrapston to do several extras.

Only one DNF the whole day, and 56 caches found.

My new coat had its first outing, and it was just what I expected - same as the old coat, except not worn to a frazzle.

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