Saturday, 9 March 2013

New coat

When you're caching, a coat is very important. It keeps you warmer than you'd be without, of course, but also has other important uses

* It has pockets, which, if large and multiple, can contain gloves, headtorch, car keys, climbing rope and other assorted items
* It protects you from nettles, brambles, thorns and other nasty scratchy things
* It keeps (some of) the rain out.

I have an assortment of caching coats. My favourite is a British army combat smock (temperate) DPM, size 190/112

DPM (disruptive pattern material) refers to the camouflage pattern; when I'm in woodland, I'm pretty much invisible. I've been three feet away from a muggle without being seen; the thing is to keep perfectly still and turn your face away. The sizes are 190 cm length, 112 cm (44 inch) chest. Actually, the 112 chest is generously cut, but the length is substantially less than 190 cm; the 190 refers to my height, not the height of the coat. 190 is six feet three inches, which  is a few inches more than I am, but I prefer the coat to be longer, as it's knee-length. I also have a 190/120, which is miles too big, but not so I can't wear it. I need two such coats, because if one gets soaked because I was out in the rain, then by the next day it's still wet, and I need to wear a spare.

The pockets are great. It has two deep side pockets that are easily accessible, two top pockets which can be buttoned down to avoid losing stuff when I bend over, a poacher's pocket in the back, good for stowing any dead rabbits I find ... actually, I use it for my climbing rope. and a couple of other minor pockets that I don't use.

In addition I have a waterproof in the same camo colouring, with a hood, which is very light (no good for warmth), but which keeps the rain off, so is good for summer if it's raining. And I also have a desert-camo coloured coat, with hood, warm and waterproof. I don't use that much, because I don't mind being out in the cold, and I'll tolerate being out if it's raining a bit, but if it's both cold and raining, I'd rather not go out.

Recently, I noticed that my British army combat smock (temperate) DPM, size 190/112 is almost worn out. There's lines where the fabric is simply not there, and although the coat is still operational, I can see a time in the not too distant future when it will simply fall apart.

So I replaced it. On Ebat, I found a British army combat smock (temperate) DPM, size 190/112 for £18, in good condition "looks as good as new", so I've ordered it, and I'll be retiring the coat that's falling apart.

It served me well over six years and 30,000 caches.

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