Thursday 14 March 2013

Lolloping round Lutton

Another big day today.

I looked outside, and the weather was bright, but I could see a lot of frost on the car, which means cold. So I put on my cold weather gear. As it happens, it wasn't that cold while I was out; I didn't need to wear my furry gloves. But it wasn't so warm that I felt like taking off any layers.

I started off with a 30-cache series round Lutton, on the bike. The going was good until I got to the byway, at which point it suddenly became atrocious. There's a notice up at the start of the byway, asking that cars not use it so that it has time to recover. It hasn't recovered yet. But I'm not a car, so I tried to go down it. I had to walk the bike for about half of the byway, and then it got a bit better. Then on to a bridleway, which was a lot better, but then I encountered a stretch of sticky mud, and the bike got totally jammed up with it. And then road, lovely road. So the first 34 caches took me four hours, and then I did drive-by caches, as there were a lot lying around.

62 caches found today, no DNFs.

And a power-wash of the bike, so I can go out again tomorrow.

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