Thursday 21 March 2013

Laurel and Hardy

Whenever I see the Morborne transmitter, I think of Stan and Ollie.

And I saw them a lot today, because I did the Transmitter Trail. I parked near number 1, got on the bike, and trundled round all 35 of them, plus a few extras.

Today was the Vernal Equinox. Or maybe that was yesterday? Anyhow, in honour of the start of Spring, I wore only one pair of trousers, although I still wore six layers of top! And I needed them, it got really cold today.

The ground is still very soggy, but as I was biking along next to a ditch, the recent work done by the farmer on clearing the ditch, had left so much mud on the grass that the bike picked up the mud, jammed it into the front and back wheel, and eventually brought me to a complete halt. I had to use my mud-removing tool (a piece of wood) for about ten minutes before I could carry on.

And then I got to a field that I would have to cross, there was no way around it. A field with loose mud, and I knew that I'd have to stop every 10 yards or so and spend ten minutes freeing up the wheels. So instead, I took a very long way round. I headed for the nearest road, and that meant I could pick up several more caches that I'd planned to do a bit later.

The last cache I did; the nearest I could get to it by car was about a mile. So I parked there, and biked the last mile, on a tarmac road that was gated against cars (but it was a bridleway, so bikes were OK).

When I got to GZ, I couldn't find the cache, and it was getting late, time to go home! But I carried on looking long past the time I should have left - after trundling all that way, I just had to find it! And eventually, I did.

Sixty caches done today. I'll have a rest tomorrow. Well, sort of. I have to have my quarterly blood test, I need to pick up my regular prescription, and I need to phone HMRC to ask them why I have to prepare not for a change on April 6, and they haven't yet made available the software I'll need from them, so how can I get ready?

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