Wednesday 6 March 2013

Krawling round Kimbolton

I've been here before; there was an excellent series of tricky caches called the "Kimbolton Konundrum" which I did with Simply Paul. Those have been archived now, and today I did the new series round Kimbolton, on the newly-repaired bike, which I must say performed flawlessly.

I also met Jeff Bones and Zensunni while I was out - they saw me making a getaway from a cache by a bridge. Jeff phoned me up and we met up near an obelisk for a chat.

I also got the bonus for the "Hills of Hunts" series, and then went on to get the bonus bonus. A good day out, finding 52 caches.

I got home early, which was good, because in the morning, when I tried to do my daily pre-outing routine, I found that my internet connection was so saturated with data flow, anything I tried took ages, so I simply didn't do most of it, hoping that by the time I got home, normal service would be restored. And it does seem to be OK now, but I wish I knew what the cause had been.

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