Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ashton Wold and back

On the way up North on the M1, it rained. As I turned on to the A1M, it was a mixture of rain and snow. When I got to GZ, it was still drizzling. But by the time I actually got onto my bike, it had stopped raining, and it didn't rain for the rest of the day. Hurrah!

65 caches today, on the bike. I got 44 caches out of Battery 8, which I think is a record, then I switched to Battery 6, which only just lasted the rest of the day.

It took me about six hours to go round, which is pretty good for 65 caches. Quite a lot of it was road, but there was also the usual soggy bridleway to contend with, and I had to wheel the bike across a couple of fields that looked like they might be the sort of clinging mud that jams up the bike, but which turned out to be not a problem. It meant that today, the bike carried me a lot more than I carried her.

This is what a soggy bridleway looks like.

Notice the way the water extends all the way from side to side, and when you aren't trying to get through a lake, you're inches deep in mud.

Here's a notice I saw late in the day. is *not* a company that burns down schools for you. Mad Ants is a training company.  Klicks are kilometers and Wilkinson make swords.

The bike did get excessively muddy, but I still gave her a pressure wash when I got home - I think she likes it. And I prefer riding a nice clean bike.

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