Friday 15 March 2013

A rainy day in Peterborough

Today was forecast to be rainy, so I decided to spend the day doing urban caches - that way, I can get to shelter if it pours. But it stayed dry until the afternoon, and then there was only a light rain.

I pretty much cleared out Southwest Peterborough, but even better, I found two caches that I'd previously failed on. Another cache that I DNFed, I met the cache owner at a subsequent cache, told him about the DNF, he checked it, and texted me to say that it had indeed gone, but that he's now replaced it. So I was able to go back and get it.

A slightly cunning ploy with the bike - instead of having two saddlebags to carry two spare batteries, I had only one saddlebag, with only one spare battery. This meant I could kick the kickstand down easily (with two saddlebags, I have to dismount and push it down by hand). I could do that because I knew I'd be getting back to the car before the second battery ran out.

Going home, the tailgate got jammed closed; to get it open (when I got home) I had to clear everything out the back, then get in there and push it open with my legs.

The A421 is usually almost empty, but today, there was a humungous jam, so much so that I switched off the engine, put my head torch on, and read my book about Barnes Wallis. Eventually, we crawled past the blockage, and I was able to see the cause. There was a dead horse lying in the road. My guess is that it fell out of a horse trailer.

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  1. I suspect the horse was en-route to the Tesco abattoir.