Thursday 7 March 2013

A big day up North

Up north again today, and it rained the whole time I was driving north. First I stopped off along the way to have another go at a cache I DNFed a while ago. I think the coords had been updated, because the GPS took me to a place a fair bit from where I was before, and I made a quick find. Then on to the first main event; I did a circuit of 26 caches near Upper Dean, on the bike. The ground was wet although not too soggy for biking, and it had stopped raining. I found all 26 caches. Then, after lunch, I popped across the A1(M) to do another series of 26 on Sawtry Fen. I wasn't sure whether to do this on the bike or on foot, as it had started to rain lightly - I decided on the bike, and I was glad I did, becuae the going was pretty good. That's another 26 caches. Then in to Sawtry, to polish off a few that were there, and then a few of the Woodwalton Waggle that had been relocatred and given new cache numbers.

Finally, I attempted the Baker's Dozen GC3HQAR that I'd tried once before. This time, the first micro was in place (it had been missing before) but I couldn't find the second micro, and I suspect that's gone.

Plenty of mud on the bike, so I gave it a power wash before putting more oil on the chain (power washing seems to drive the oil off) and putting it in its stable.

72 caches done today - pretty good!


  1. Mr solly Easter Sunday is a raspberry jam at Milton Keynes.

  2. You do more in a day than I manage in a year! You're getting very close to the 30,000 mark now Dr Solly. Any plans to make #30,000 a special one?