Saturday 23 February 2013

Winchester wanderabout

To Winchester today. It was forecast to be very cold, so I put on two pair of socks, four pair of trousers and five tops, plus my coat. And that worked, I wasn't cold, except sometimes my hands when I took off my furry gloves.

I parked a few miles northwest of the city, got the bike out, and trundled south along the Roman road. Then I returned via another series - I did five series (although some were a bit small) before I got back to the car, for 31 caches. Then I relocated to pick up a puzzle I'd solved, then relocated again close in to the city, got the bike out again, and cruised round, winding up near the cathedral, and a total of 45 caches.

Here's a kite I saw, being used as a bird-scarer.

I did the first circuit of 31 caches in four hours, which got me back to the car in time for lunch (and a listen to Hancock). It was nice to have lunch at lunchtime for a change.

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