Thursday 21 February 2013

There was a young man from Cosham

Who took out his eyes to wash 'em
His wife said "Oh, Jack,
if you don't put them back,
I'll sit on the table and squash 'em"

I was in Cosham today, that's just north of Portsmouth. I did about 30 caches, including a multi that I'd started a few years ago but couldn't complete, and Jacob Von Hogflume's Finest Accomplishment, a very nicely constructed multi. I had the usual scattering of DNFs.

View of the Solent

It was bitterly cold, so I wore my leg-warmers, and six layers of top, plus my coat. My furry gloves kept my hands warm enough, and by about 2pm, the weather had warmed slightly so I could wear my fingerless cycling gloves. But by 5pm, the cold returned with a vengeance, and I headed back to the car, getting there just as the battery on my GPS expired.

That was when I did the Jacob Von Hogflume's Finest Accomplishment cache, and then I went home.

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