Monday 18 February 2013

Pompey part two

As expected, I went to Portsmouth again today. The traffic round the M25 was awful, so I didn't get there until 11 o'clock. Still, once there, I put on my knee-armour (I bruised the knee a couple of days ago, and you *really* don't want to bump an already-bruised knee) and set off. First I did the caches at the far east of town, then as I worked my way towards the town center, I noticed that my right pedal wasn't working properly. On inspection, it turned out that it had lost nearly all the ball bearings from the ball-race (which I think had broken and fallen off). So the next item on the agenda was, find bike shop. I asked a policeman, got directions, forked out £14.99 for a pair (they always come in pairs) and fitted it. That done, I could proceed.

I did 30 caches today, not bad considering the problems I'd had to deal with, plus a sprinkling of DNFs. I had another go at a multi I'd failed on last time, and this time found it very quickly because instead of keeping my head down, I lifted it up and looked around me! I also did another multi that I'd gathered the information for, but because my PDA doesn't render the divide symbol (and also the cache setter used alpha and beta, which doesn't render), I didn't know what the formula was. When I got home, I sorted it out, so today I was able to collect the cache.

I did two other multis, and the last one of those I had some problems with the formula because the cache setter didn't know about BEDMAS, and clearly thought that you do arithmetic operations from left to right irrespective of precedence. Our eduation system has much to apologise for.

Another good day out.

When I got hiome, I found that the geocaching robot arm has stopped working, because the SD card in the Pi has failed. It's restore-a-backup time ...

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