Friday 22 February 2013

Pageviews by country

I was looking at Google's map of people reading this blog and where they live. UK is at the top of the list, which is what I'd expect (since it's where I live), and the US is second, which also makes sense.

Third is China, with not many less than the US. Huh? Are there a lot of geocachers in China? Or a lot of people playing with the Raspberry Pi? Or do I have a small but devoted fan club there?

Another surprise is "Isle of Man". I didn't even know that was a country.

The search keywords used was another revelation. Top of the list is "huge solly blow job". Although, admittedly, only two people used that search. Still, I have to wonder what it was that suggested to someone that they put in a search engine, "huge solly blow job".

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