Saturday 2 February 2013

Cold in Colchester

I've recovered from the gruelling Gyratory, so I went out today to Colchester. I parked a couple of miles outside, and got the bike ready. Boy, was it cold! Taters! Brass monkeys. My thermometer said 5 degrees, but it felt more like sub-zero. So I put on three sweaters and set off.

By a couple of hours later, the cold had worked its way in to my bones, and I retreated back to the car for lunch. And after lunch, I decided, it's too cold, I'm going home.

One really excellent cache I did was a multi. I was taken initially to a batch of garages, and the number of the garage gave me A and B. I thought, this is impossible, GPSes aren't accurate enough, it could be any of several. Then I noticed that on of the garages was prominently labelled AB. Ah, OK.

So I plugged the numbers into the formula, and that took me to a house just round the corner, but the GPS was pointing inside the front garden. After walking up and down for a bit, the GPS was still pointing inside the front garden, so I went in, noticed a fake log, opened it up and inside, there was a couple of keys and instructions. That took me back to the garage I'd just left, and the keys opened the door. Inside was a mini Aladdin's cave; the front few feet of the garage had been partitioned off, and that was the cache container. You could say that this is the biggest cache I've ever seen! And there was a handy seat to sit on. But best of all, it was out of the cold, which by then was really getting to me.

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