Saturday 9 February 2013

Celebrating ladysolly's birthday

Down to London on Friday; we met daughter.1, daughter.2 and bf.2 for a visit to the Savoy as a possible wedding venue, but it isn't the top choice. Then lunch at Banks; I ordered the ribs, which arrived huge and delicious; definitely one for a repeat. Then a steak, which was a bit raw, but edible. Next time, I'll have the ribs for main meal also.

Then round to daughter.2 to see grandson.1. Daughter.2 + bf.2 left to do whatever daughters do, and we had a curry for dinner from the local Indian. On the way home, it was freezing cold, and I got home to find that one of my servers had crashed - turned out to be a memory failure.

Today, I did a deeper investigation of another of my servers that's been crashing frequently. That looks like it was also a memory failure.

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