Tuesday 5 February 2013

Braindead in Braintree

Out to Braintree today. First, a circuit on foot of a dozen caches; one of them should have been easy, but I got fixated on a phone box and failed to notice the cache nearby for a long time. The lady in the nearby shop was watching me, she must have wondered what was going on. Then a couple more on the way to a solved puzzle, then in to Braintree for a trundle around on the bike, including a few miles on the Flitch Way (I've been along here a few times before, and it's a great surface for biking).

Rather a lot of DNFs today, but 34 finds. And then the snow came down, while I was a few miles from the car, so I made a sprint for it, and got into the car looking like a snowman, just before I turned into an icicle.

And another pair of boots has walked its last time. It's not that I'm suddenly wearing them out faster, it's that they were already worn out and it's time to send them to that great boot-factory in the sky.


  1. Did Oscar have you stumped, bit RUBBISH really!!!

  2. Braindead. But I had a good day out, and that's the main thing.