Friday 22 February 2013

Bike maintenance

I woke up this morning, and my back felt a bit fragile, so I decided not to go caching today. Instead, I did some bike maintenance.

My back tire *had* to be replaced a week ago; yesterday I noticed that part of my front tire was worn smooth, so rather than wait until it actually wore out, I decided to replace it with a Kevlar-reinforced tire I got from Asda (made in China, like everything else these days, and costing about £12). It was a "foldable" tire. I've never used one of those before, and when I unfolded it, it was *huge* and the cross-section wasn't what I think of as tire-shaped, it was almost flat. Oh well. I took the old tire off the bike, and, after a bit of a struggle, got the new tire on, and reinflated it to 50 psi.

One problem - I couldn't put the gel puncture-protection back on. I'll have to hope that the combination of the Kevlar tire and the extra-thick inner tube is enough.

While I had the bike out, I also adjusted the front and back brakes. I think the cables stretch with use.

Tomorrow, either I'll go out with ladysolly, or else I'll go biking near Winchester.

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