Wednesday 20 February 2013

A flying visit to daughter.1

Down to London today with ladysolly, to visit daughter.1. I also got a fleeting glimpse of daughter.2, an exchange of opinions with grandson.1 and a very nice Japanese curry.

Tomorrow will be very cold, but I won't be huddling indoors, I plan to go to just north of Portsmouth, where I see a bunch of caches waiting for me to visit. I'll wear the leggings again, for warmth. The problem I had with them last time, is that once I've put them on, then my trousers, then my knee-protector, then my boots ... I feel that removing them would be such a major operation (including stripping down to my underpants) that they're on for the whole day, whereas with the layers of sweaters, I can always take a couple of them off and stuff them in my saddlebag.

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