Friday 18 January 2013

UPS rebuilt

I ordered 8 batteries for the APC Smart-UPS from UPS Trader on Ebay, cost £95 (a new UPS would be three or four hundred). They arrived the next day! So I removed the old batteries from one of my dead UPSes (it was quite a battle, they'd swollen up and stuck fast, and needed to be levered out with a makeshift crowbar) and put in the new ones (very easy). I applied power, and bingo! I now have another working APC Smart-UPS!


I've got a couple more that I could re-battery. I hadn't realised it was that easy.

Also, a Wifi repeater arrived. I think it was easy to set up - I'm not sure. I wrestled with it for quite a while, but I think it was working all along. Anyway, the wifi coldspot in our lounge is now a hotspot.

The snow is a few inches deep. No caching until it clears! Last time I went out caching in the snow I got *really* lucky and found 56 out of 56 caches in a circuit, but it was hard work - I was breaking trail in fresh snow the whole time.

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