Tuesday 8 January 2013

More Clacton

Back to Clacton to finish what I'd started.

First, I trundled round the town on the bike - I'm especially pleased that I got the Captain Brainstorm cache, I've been there twice before and failed.

Then on to Frniton to do a circuit there, around the sea wall. I nearly ran out of time, but I managed to get them all, and the bonus. Abuot 30 caches done today, and some interesting sights ...

I was doing a cache over the road (DNFing, actually) when I spotted this. I had a chat with the guy who perpetrated it; he seemed quite a nice chap.

A cache brought me here. A historically significant spot.

A small Disneyworld.

It was night time when I took this picture. But I wondered, in what way am I supposed to be cautious?
If a low flying model aircraft hits me on the head, what should I have done differently? Duck?

A good day out.

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