Wednesday 9 January 2013


I've done Frinton and Clacton - today I went to Harwich. I parked on the outskirts of the town, near a handy convenience, got the bike out and spent the next five hours touring round the town. A fair few DNFs, but also lots of finds, and I pretty much cleared the area.

Then back to Frinton. First I did a multi I'd been wanting to do - I found the first stage quickly, and when I held a strong magnet up to the box, a voice read out the coords of the final! Most unusual. Then I collected a puzzle I'd solved in anticipation of the trip, and just as I replaced the box, the cache owner came up and introduced himself.

I saw this plaque in Harwich.

Then two hours drive home. I think I'll rest tomorrow, and I think these three trips is all the area will take ... until the locals repopulate the cache numbers.

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