Thursday 3 January 2013

A lot of DNFs at Stanwick Lakes

Today, I decided to go to Stanwick Lakes. I've been caching there before, and the tracks are excellent for biking, so I won't have the "mushy underbike" issue. It turned out to be a good decision for biking, but I accrued a record number of DNFs.

Before I left, I tackled the two puzzles there. I got the wordsearch quite quickly, but the logic puzzle took me four tries before I got an answer I liked. So I gave it to ladysolly, and she had it solved in a trice ... and I'm glad to say our answers agreed.

I decided not to park at the visitor center; it isn't the £3 that concerned me, but the fact that they close at 5pm, and I thought I might still be trundling around by then. So I parked neat the Kettering Town Football Club, got the bike out, and set off.

There were three multis to collect info for, and I didn't do that very well either; I travelled a lot further than I needed to, but as it was on the bike on excellent tracks, that wasn't too bad.

No, the big problem was the dozen DNFs. Twelve caches not found! I don't think I've ever done so badly, although I suspect that some of them, at least, weren't actually there.

Still, the weather stayed fine, and I had a nice day out.


  1. I guess the flood water has subsided now, but the whole place was one giant lake only a few weeks back, with most caches inaccessible. Looks like substantial maintenance is required. Time for the Halloween Crew to come out of hibernation!

  2. I'd like to think that the cause was a flood, rather than my inability to find caches!

  3. Having attempted many of these yesterday - we found the same thing - a lot of DNF's. We gave up in the end and cut our loses and went elsewhere for the rest of the day. My only hope is that these were not just placed for the event and allowed to rot.