Thursday 13 December 2012

Two more Pies, and six more

Two more Pies have been installed as combination mail/web/name servers, plus they'll proably be doing other stuff; these are for my domain. And that means that I have eight Pies operational, one about to be sent back to RS (faulty), one waiting for an RMA from RS (even more faulty) and one more that I've been holding back to use for experimentation. For example, can I put a wifi USB on it? If so, can I make that into a hotspot? Can I put a wired USB-ethernet on it, and if so, can I make that into a firewall? Can I interface a SATA drive to it via a USB? And other interesting stuff.

So I went onto RS's web site, and ordered six more. It says that they have them in stock, so they should arrive in a couple of days.

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