Saturday 29 December 2012

To Imber

Up early today, round to SimplyPaul for a trip to Imber. That's a village that was requisitioned in 1943 for the Army to use in training, and never handed back. But a couple of times per year, there's an open day.

So we collected Paul's brother, and drove through the rain for a couple of hours. We found the venue easily, and were able to drive right up to the village. And in the church, there were over 100 geocachers! I had a mince pie and coffee, and talked with loads of people I knew, and some I didn't. Even the dogs were friendly, although one of them made an appalling smell and had to be taken out of the church.

We then went on to do a dozen or so caches; it was still raining at first, but then it cleared up. But I was still wet by the time I got home.

Daughter.2 is back from Australia, and we'll all be getting together for the New Year's fireworks in London.

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