Thursday 13 December 2012

More on the Robot Arm

After a chat at the recent 12/12/12 event, I became aware that the robot arm wasn't working with iPads. Why? Because iPads don't do java. Who'd have thought it. I wouldn't have. You can, if you're willing to go to some trouble, get java for your iPad, but I'm thinking that most people won't.

So I've had to do two versions of the robot arm.

The page you go to, looks at your computer and decides what it is; iPad (or Mac), or proper computer. If it's a proper computer, then you get automatically sent to the java version, with the smooth camera refresh. But if you've only got an iPad or Mac, then you get sent to the version that refreshes the picture every two seconds by relaoding the jpgs. It's not so nice, but at least the poor iPad users get to play with the robot arm. And if the automatic thing makes the wrong decision, there's a link you can click on to try it the other way.

I tried it out with ladysolly's iPad, and it seems to work.

Email me if you have any problems with it - I want to get the tested before I publish the cache. I know it's not fashionable to actually test software before you send it out, but I'm old-fashioned.


  1. It works! Mac not a "proper computer" eh? At least it uses a unix kernel :)

  2. Indeed! I saw your waved note :)