Monday 17 December 2012

Macmillan and Midshires

Out caching today, up North again, to the Macmillan and Midshires way.

40-odd caches done today, all on foot. I left the bike in the car because the ground was so squishy; by the time I got back to the car I was glad I had, the terrain ranged from poor to awful, plus there would have been some terrible stiles to lift over.

Just before I got back to the car, I saw this:

It's a church tower without the church.

I had a *lot* of DNFs today, but in a few of them, the cache had clearly gone, by the number of previous DNFs and the specificity of the hint. So I replaced them. I'm running out of 35mm canisters, so I ordered 100 urine specimen containers from ebay (unused), and 100 120ml containers. They were all very cheap.

It was only seven miles, but it took me 5 hours, and my back hurts from all the walking.

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